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The Amazing Race: VelocityYouth Style


Nicholas celebrating as he crossed the finish line.

This fall, VelocityYouth began a series called “The Amazing Race”, where they studied the book of Philippians. The study led them through a variety of lessons based around how God calls us to “run our race” and “win the prize” – to live our life focused on serving God and spending eternity with Him in heaven. After talking about our partnerships, our confidence, our attitudes, and the endurance it all takes, they were finally ready to put it all together in a final lesson: VICTORY.

The series ended with adrenaline and excitement – our very own Woodville area Amazing Race! Teens and adults joined forces to form teams of 3-4 and race to collect clues and complete challenges that would lead them to the finish line back at Solomon. The teams traveled to the Woodville Library, Country Hair Creations, various community homes, McDonald’s, Miller’s, The Block in Elmore, and Speedtrap! Each location held a clue to the next adventure – and sometimes a challenging activity to complete for the next place on their journey.


Students surrendered their worries and insecurities to Jesus during the prayer stations.

After a long fought race, Kate Coutcher, Kaitlyn Allgier, Hannah Overmyer, and April Hammer crossed the finish line to win first place! As each team arrived back at home base, they were greeted with cheers of excitement. The race has been completed! You have overcome! VICTORY!

The next week, VelocityYouth took time to talk about the challenges and joys that came with competing in the race. After studying what the Bible says about victory in Jesus, youth spent their time at prayer stations to claim their own victories during one-on-one time with Jesus.

Congratulations to all youth & adults that participated in the Amazing Race! Run the race, win the prize!

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