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“Solomon Lutheran School Sunday”, It’s official!

“…the purpose of “Solomon Lutheran School Sunday” is to create an opportunity to strengthen and highlight the mission of Solomon Lutheran School…

“Therefore, be it resolved that The Northwestern Ohio Synod adopt the third Sunday in January each year as “Solomon Lutheran School Sunday”…”

Resolution to Adopt “Solomon Lutheran School Sunday”

As the oldest and only Christian day school in the Northwestern Ohio Synod, we are humbled and honored to receive the official support of our Synod through an annual “Solomon Lutheran School Sunday” which will be recognized by all churches in the Northwestern Ohio Synod. What a blessing to receive prayful support and a special offering each year on this day. And, what a blessing to have the opportunity to share with our brothers and sisters in Christ how our school is impacting the lives of God’s precious children.

A special visit from Bishop Beaudion on Wedenday, January 22 at 8:30am will take place. Bishop Beaudoin will give the message during Chapel. Your support and attendance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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