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Lenten Worship Schedule

Lent starts early this year- February 26th! (Pause, take a deep breath and prepare to go without some chocolate or pop for a while.)

February 26th ~ Ash Wednesday
* 8:30am Chapel
* 12 Noon Service
* 7:00pm Evening Service

March 4th ,11th, 18th, 25th, April 1st ~ Lenten Vespers

April 5th ~ Palm Sunday
*8am & 10:30am Worship

April 9th~Maunday Thursday
*7pm Worship

April 10th ~Good Friday
*7pm Worship

April 11th ~ Holy Saturday Morning Prayer~
*8:30am Prayer

April 12th ~ Easter Sunday
*8am & 10:30am Worship

The word Lent comes from the Old English word lencten or lengten, which means to lengthen. This word was applied to the season of the year when the days were lengthening, the season known as Spring. Lent and Spring therefore bear similar meanings. Lent is the forty day season that the Christian Church uses as a time of preparation for the annual feast of Easter. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday.

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