Solomon Lutheran Church is a body of believers, fully alive in Christ, serving others, and growing in the gift of grace.

A Brief History

On the third Sunday in Advent in 1841, Rev. George Cronenwett delivered his first sermon to The German Lutheran Church of Woodville Township.  2021 marked 180 years of ministry that began when our German Lutheran forefathers settled here in The Great Black Swamp. There were occasional visit by circuit riding ministers that occurred earlier; however, this was the beginning of an organized church with their own pastor. Solomon Lutheran School, the oldest continuing to educate parochial school in the ELCA, opened shortly after in 1862 and has been an on-going ministry and mission of the church.

Many families that attend Solomon Lutheran Church are a part a long chain of generations to call this church family their home; however, our congregation is beautifully diverse in its membership. There is no doubt that you and yours are fully welcomed into our community from the moment you step through our doors!

What We Believe

As Christians, Lutherans believe in Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. We believe Jesus is God’s own son, sent by God to become human. As the son of God, Jesus is divine, but he was also a human being who lived among us on earth, over 2,000 years ago. Followers of Jesus are part of God’s people, whose heritage includes the Jewish people and the Christian Church throughout the world today.  Our beliefs are summarized in the Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds.

Solomon Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the largest Lutheran group in North America.  Solomon holds to the basic Lutheran principles of Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone.

  • We are saved by the grace of God alone — not by anything we do;
  • Our salvation is through faith alone — a confident trust in God, who in Christ promises us forgiveness, life, and salvation; and
  • The Bible is the norm for faith and life — the true standard by which teachings and doctrines are to be judged.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Every individual is precious in the eyes of God, and is welcomed to experience the comfort, strength and joy of belonging to his family.
  • We treasure our foundation in the Gospel and share it with others.
  • Our worship glorifies God as a celebration of life in Christ.
  • In response to God’s love for us, we seek and provide opportunities to serve in the model of Jesus Christ.
  • We acknowledge our time, talent and possessions as blessings from God and joyfully return our first fruits. In gratitude for his abundance, we act as careful stewards.
  • We cherish the history and culture of Solomon Lutheran, and build on it for future generations.
  • We are called to grow in the knowledge of God and His grace.