“God creates and sustains me; Jesus Christ redeems me; the Holy Spirit guides me.”

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation (“Affirmation of Baptism”) is a 2-year educational ministry of our church designed to help all baptized members of Solomon Lutheran Church grow in their faith. Public affirmation of baptism in the rite of confirmation marks the entry of the confirmand into full voting membership in our congregation, and equips them to live out their faith in the world. Confirmation is normally held during a student’s 7th & 8th grade years.

Why Confirmation?

1. Our purpose is to assist young people in their growth in grace, into the faith we profess, and into the daily living of that faith as disciples of Jesus Christ.
2. We realize that education is a life-long experience. We are always growing, discovering, learning – our whole lives we are to be active in discovering the fullness of faith and growing in the person we are created and redeemed to be. God’s purpose is to make us more like Jesus!
3. We’re on a journey. This journey began with parents at baptism, and continues in the Affirmation of Baptism (confirmation). At the end of this 2-year study, our hope is that our students will be ready to accept an even greater role in living the faith in Woodville and the world.
4. “Faith is caught, not taught.” We acknowledge the need to be deliberate in our relationships. This is a team effort that includes students, parents, teachers, mentors, the pastor, the congregation, and most importantly, Christ. Any breakdown of that team diminishes the success of the confirmation ministry.

What do we do in Confirmation?

  • Attend Confirmation class each week during the Sunday School hour: 9:20-10:20am
  • Worship with the congregation weekly
  • Serve as an acolyte on Sundays or Wednesdays
  • Attend Confirmation camp!
  • Participate in the Mentoring program
  • Serve our church & surrounding community
  • …. and so much more!

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a program that accompanies Confirmation, where the student chooses an older member of the congregation or community whose faith they admire to lead them through their 2-year faith journey. Mentoring is all about building Faith Skills and making a personal ministry plan based on our Faith Webs, with the help of our Mentors and leaders. In Mentoring, we share meals together, meet to discuss important aspects of our faith, go on fun trips, and serve the community alongside one another.

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